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Onion Creek Club Roster

Fall 2021 as of 2021-06-08
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Flight 7S — Backcourt Divas — Onion Creek
Amanda Saunders 512-300-7029
Dianne Turner 512-923-9021
Allison Kaylor-Flink
Celeste Plunkett 512-914-7397
Debbie Fenton 207-240-8369
Leslie Raver 512-461-0444
Shelley Tucci 512-771-0169
Stacey Moynahan 562-212-5715
✓ signifies that the player has signed the Covid Agreement

Onion Creek Club Sub List

Flight 7
Cathy Salinas (512) 787-3487
Erin Hodges
Kim Campbell
Lauren Tidmore