Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Flight 4N — Fall 2019

September 18, 2019
09:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.River Place Wise AcesAustin Country Club
09:30:00GTC Matchmakersvs.Courtyard Alley GatorsGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood Double Timevs.Great Hills Net AssetsWestwood
09:30:00Berry Creek Sweet Berriesvs.ACC The SkirtsBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00River Place Love Allvs.Westwood Rackets&RitasRiver Place
September 25, 2019
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.River Place Wise AcesGreat Hills CC
09:30:00River Place Love Allvs.Berry Creek Sweet BerriesRiver Place
09:30:00Westwood Double Timevs.GTC MatchmakersWestwood
09:30:00Courtyard Alley Gatorsvs.ACC Double The FunCourtyard
11:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.Westwood Rackets&RitasAustin Country Club
October 02, 2019
09:30:00River Place Wise Acesvs.River Place Love AllRiver Place
09:30:00GTC Matchmakersvs.Great Hills Net AssetsGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00Courtyard Alley Gatorsvs.Berry Creek Sweet BerriesCourtyard
09:30:00Westwood Rackets&Ritasvs.Westwood Double TimeWestwood
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.ACC Double The FunAustin Country Club
October 09, 2019
11:30:00GTC Matchmakersvs.River Place Love AllGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00River Place Wise Acesvs.Courtyard Alley GatorsRiver Place
09:30:00Westwood Rackets&Ritasvs.Great Hills Net AssetsWestwood
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.Westwood Double TimeAustin Country Club
09:30:00Berry Creek Sweet Berriesvs.ACC Double The FunBerry Creek (Georgetown)
October 16, 2019
11:30:00GTC Matchmakersvs.River Place Wise AcesGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00Courtyard Alley Gatorsvs.Great Hills Net AssetsCourtyard
09:30:00Westwood Rackets&Ritasvs.Berry Creek Sweet BerriesWestwood
11:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.Westwood Double TimeAustin Country Club
09:30:00River Place Love Allvs.ACC The SkirtsRiver Place
October 23, 2019
09:30:00Westwood Rackets&Ritasvs.River Place Wise AcesWestwood
09:30:00River Place Love Allvs.Courtyard Alley GatorsRiver Place
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.GTC MatchmakersAustin Country Club
09:30:00Berry Creek Sweet Berriesvs.Westwood Double TimeBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.ACC Double The FunGreat Hills CC
October 30, 2019
09:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.River Place Love AllAustin Country Club
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.Berry Creek Sweet BerriesGreat Hills CC
09:30:00Westwood Rackets&Ritasvs.GTC MatchmakersWestwood
09:30:00River Place Wise Acesvs.Westwood Double TimeRiver Place
09:30:00Courtyard Alley Gatorsvs.ACC The SkirtsCourtyard
November 06, 2019
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.River Place Love AllGreat Hills CC
09:30:00Westwood Double Timevs.Courtyard Alley GatorsWestwood
09:30:00Berry Creek Sweet Berriesvs.GTC MatchmakersBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00River Place Wise Acesvs.ACC The SkirtsRiver Place
09:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.Westwood Rackets&RitasAustin Country Club
November 13, 2019
09:30:00Westwood Double Timevs.River Place Love AllWestwood
09:30:00River Place Wise Acesvs.Berry Creek Sweet BerriesRiver Place
09:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.GTC MatchmakersAustin Country Club
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.ACC The SkirtsGreat Hills CC
09:30:00Courtyard Alley Gatorsvs.Westwood Rackets&RitasCourtyard