Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Flight 4 Green — Fall 2022

September 21, 2022
09:30:00River Place Love Allvs.Westwood Deuce of HazardRiver Place
09:30:00ACC Mama Acesvs.River Place Simply SmashingAustin Country Club
09:30:00Westwood Double Timevs.WILCO Wrecking BallsWestwood
09:30:00Courtyard Meet Your Matchvs.Great Hills Net AssetsCourtyard
09:30:00GTC GTC Mid-Court Crisisvs.Balcones Double TroubleGeorgetown Tennis Center
September 28, 2022
09:30:00GTC GTC Mid-Court Crisisvs.Westwood Deuce of HazardGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood Double Timevs.Courtyard Meet Your MatchWestwood
09:30:00WILCO Wrecking Ballsvs.River Place Simply SmashingWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.ACC Mama AcesGreat Hills CC
09:30:00River Place Love Allvs.Balcones Double TroubleRiver Place
October 05, 2022
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.River Place Love AllRiver Place
09:30:00Courtyard Meet Your Matchvs.WILCO Wrecking BallsCourtyard
11:30:00GTC GTC Mid-Court Crisisvs.ACC Mama AcesGeorgetown Tennis Center
11:30:00Westwood Deuce of Hazardvs.Westwood Double TimeWestwood
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.Balcones Double TroubleGreat Hills CC
October 12, 2022
09:30:00Courtyard Meet Your Matchvs.River Place Love AllCourtyard
09:30:00Westwood Deuce of Hazardvs.WILCO Wrecking BallsWestwood
09:30:00Balcones Double Troublevs.ACC Mama AcesBalcones
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.Great Hills Net AssetsRiver Place
09:30:00GTC GTC Mid-Court Crisisvs.Westwood Double TimeGeorgetown Tennis Center
October 19, 2022
09:30:00River Place Love Allvs.GTC GTC Mid-Court CrisisRiver Place
09:30:00Courtyard Meet Your Matchvs.River Place Simply SmashingCourtyard
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.WILCO Wrecking BallsGreat Hills CC
09:30:00Westwood Double Timevs.ACC Mama AcesWestwood
11:30:00Westwood Deuce of Hazardvs.Balcones Double TroubleWestwood
October 26, 2022
09:30:00GTC GTC Mid-Court Crisisvs.Courtyard Meet Your MatchGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood Deuce of Hazardvs.River Place Simply SmashingWestwood
09:30:00WILCO Wrecking Ballsvs.ACC Mama AcesWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00River Place Love Allvs.Great Hills Net AssetsRiver Place
09:30:00Balcones Double Troublevs.Westwood Double TimeBalcones
November 02, 2022
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.GTC GTC Mid-Court CrisisGreat Hills CC
09:30:00Westwood Deuce of Hazardvs.Courtyard Meet Your MatchWestwood
11:30:00ACC Mama Acesvs.River Place Love AllAustin Country Club
11:30:00Balcones Double Troublevs.WILCO Wrecking BallsBalcones
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.Westwood Double TimeRiver Place
November 09, 2022
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.GTC GTC Mid-Court CrisisRiver Place
09:30:00ACC Mama Acesvs.Westwood Deuce of HazardAustin Country Club
09:30:00Balcones Double Troublevs.Courtyard Meet Your MatchBalcones
11:30:00WILCO Wrecking Ballsvs.River Place Love AllWilliamson County Tennis Center
11:30:00Westwood Double Timevs.Great Hills Net AssetsWestwood
November 16, 2022
09:30:00WILCO Wrecking Ballsvs.GTC GTC Mid-Court CrisisWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Great Hills Net Assetsvs.Westwood Deuce of HazardGreat Hills CC
09:30:00ACC Mama Acesvs.Courtyard Meet Your MatchAustin Country Club
09:30:00Westwood Double Timevs.River Place Love AllWestwood
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.Balcones Double TroubleRiver Place