Captains' Court
Pts. Total
AWTA Team Mojo00
BART Doubled Trouble00
BART Over the Net00
BART Ruffled Feathers00
CY Alley Gators00
CY Game Set Wine00
CY Love2Play00
CY Mighty Grommet00
GCC Miss Hits00
GR Breeze00
GTC Net Gain00
GTC NoLoveJustSets00
GTC Volley Vamps00
  1. This division is allowed 0 subs each half of the season
  2. The colors show what opponent a team plays each week
  3. R => Rescheduled Match
  4. P => Partial Score
  5. Scores in italics are unconfirmed matches - a D next to the result means the result is in dispute
  6. Questions? Email division coordinators