Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Championship Green — Spring 2024

February 16, 2024
11:30:00Steiner Ranch Serves You Rightvs.AWTA Serve-IversSteiner Ranch
09:30:00Courtyard Double Shotzvs.Cimarron GroupTherapyCourtyard
09:30:00WILCO AceAce Babyvs.WILCO Quick ChicksOld Settler's Park
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Goodvs.River Place Tough LoveBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs.GTC Movin' OnWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00WILCO All That Jazz!vs. ByeWilliamson County Tennis Center
February 23, 2024
09:30:00WILCO All That Jazz!vs.AWTA Serve-IversWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Serves You Rightvs.Cimarron GroupTherapySteiner Ranch
09:30:00River Place Tough Lovevs.GTC Movin' OnRiver Place
09:30:00WILCO AceAce Babyvs.Berry Creek Berry GoodOld Settler's Park
09:30:00Courtyard Double Shotzvs.WILCO Rally GalsCourtyard
09:30:00WILCO Quick Chicksvs. ByeOld Settler's Park
March 01, 2024
09:30:00WILCO All That Jazz!vs.Cimarron GroupTherapyWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Goodvs.WILCO Quick ChicksBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00Courtyard Double Shotzvs.River Place Tough LoveCourtyard
09:30:00WILCO AceAce Babyvs.GTC Movin' OnOld Settler's Park
11:30:00Steiner Ranch Serves You Rightvs.WILCO Rally GalsSteiner Ranch
09:30:00AWTA Serve-Iversvs. ByeAustin Tennis Center
March 08, 2024
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs.WILCO All That Jazz!Williamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Cimarron GroupTherapyvs.AWTA Serve-IversCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00WILCO AceAce Babyvs.Courtyard Double ShotzOld Settler's Park
09:30:00GTC Movin' Onvs.WILCO Quick ChicksGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00River Place Tough Lovevs.Steiner Ranch Serves You RightRiver Place
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Goodvs. ByeBerry Creek (Georgetown)
March 22, 2024
11:30:00Courtyard Double Shotzvs.WILCO Quick ChicksCourtyard
09:30:00WILCO AceAce Babyvs.Steiner Ranch Serves You RightOld Settler's Park
09:30:00WILCO All That Jazz!vs.River Place Tough LoveWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Goodvs.GTC Movin' OnBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00AWTA Serve-Iversvs.WILCO Rally GalsAustin Tennis Center
09:30:00Cimarron GroupTherapyvs. ByeCimarron Hills Country Club
March 29, 2024
09:30:00WILCO All That Jazz!vs.WILCO AceAce BabyWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00River Place Tough Lovevs.AWTA Serve-IversRiver Place
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Goodvs.Courtyard Double ShotzBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00WILCO Quick Chicksvs.Steiner Ranch Serves You RightOld Settler's Park
09:30:00Cimarron GroupTherapyvs.WILCO Rally GalsCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00GTC Movin' Onvs. ByeGeorgetown Tennis Center
April 05, 2024
09:30:00AWTA Serve-Iversvs.WILCO AceAce BabyAustin Tennis Center
09:30:00WILCO Quick Chicksvs.WILCO All That Jazz!Old Settler's Park
09:30:00GTC Movin' Onvs.Courtyard Double ShotzGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00Cimarron GroupTherapyvs.River Place Tough LoveCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Serves You Rightvs.Berry Creek Berry GoodSteiner Ranch
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs. ByeWilliamson County Tennis Center
April 12, 2024
09:30:00Cimarron GroupTherapyvs.WILCO AceAce BabyCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Goodvs.WILCO All That Jazz!Berry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00WILCO Quick Chicksvs.AWTA Serve-IversOld Settler's Park
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs.River Place Tough LoveWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Serves You Rightvs.GTC Movin' OnSteiner Ranch
09:30:00Courtyard Double Shotzvs. ByeCourtyard
April 19, 2024
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs.WILCO AceAce BabyWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00GTC Movin' Onvs.WILCO All That Jazz!Georgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Goodvs.AWTA Serve-IversBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00WILCO Quick Chicksvs.Cimarron GroupTherapyOld Settler's Park
11:30:00Courtyard Double Shotzvs.Steiner Ranch Serves You RightCourtyard
09:30:00River Place Tough Lovevs. ByeRiver Place
April 26, 2024
09:30:00River Place Tough Lovevs.WILCO AceAce BabyRiver Place
09:30:00GTC Movin' Onvs.AWTA Serve-IversGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00WILCO All That Jazz!vs.Courtyard Double ShotzWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Cimarron GroupTherapyvs.Berry Creek Berry GoodCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00WILCO Quick Chicksvs.WILCO Rally GalsOld Settler's Park
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Serves You Rightvs. ByeSteiner Ranch
May 03, 2024
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Serves You Rightvs.WILCO All That Jazz!Steiner Ranch
09:30:00AWTA Serve-Iversvs.Courtyard Double ShotzAustin Tennis Center
09:30:00GTC Movin' Onvs.Cimarron GroupTherapyGeorgetown Tennis Center
09:30:00River Place Tough Lovevs.WILCO Quick ChicksRiver Place
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs.Berry Creek Berry GoodWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00WILCO AceAce Babyvs. ByeOld Settler's Park