Captains' Court
Pts. Total
AWTA Swingers00
AWTA Whack-Its00
GR Net Threat00
GR Sure Shot00
LW Bounce It!00
LW Hot Mess Express00
LW Mighty Swings00
RP Our Ad00
SR Love Stinks00
SR Serves You Right00
UTTC Fireball00
  1. This division is allowed 8 subs each half of the season
  2. Number in superscript is the number of subs used that match - calculated AFTER match is confirmed by both teams OR 48 hours.
  3. The colors show what opponent a team plays each week
  4. R => Rescheduled Match
  5. P => Partial Score
  6. Scores in italics are unconfirmed matches - a D next to the result means the result is in dispute
  7. Questions? Email division coordinators