Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Flight 7 Green — Fall 2022

September 19, 2022
11:30:00Great Hills Blabalotsvs.UTTC Sets in the City!Great Hills CC
09:30:00WILCO Court Therapyvs.River Place Acing GracefullyOld Settler's Park
11:30:00Westwood Mood Swingvs.WILCO Midcourt ChaosWestwood
11:30:00ACC Wise Acesvs.ACC ServeAcesAustin Country Club
09:30:00Courtyard Swinging Courtettesvs. ByeCourtyard
September 26, 2022
09:30:00Courtyard Swinging Courtettesvs.Great Hills BlabalotsCourtyard
09:30:00WILCO Midcourt Chaosvs.WILCO Court TherapyWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00UTTC Sets in the City!vs.River Place Acing GracefullyUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00ACC Wise Acesvs.Westwood Mood SwingAustin Country Club
09:30:00ACC ServeAcesvs. ByeAustin Country Club
October 03, 2022
09:30:00ACC Wise Acesvs.WILCO Court TherapyAustin Country Club
09:30:00River Place Acing Gracefullyvs.Courtyard Swinging CourtettesRiver Place
09:30:00UTTC Sets in the City!vs.WILCO Midcourt ChaosUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood Mood Swingvs.ACC ServeAcesWestwood
09:30:00Great Hills Blabalotsvs. ByeGreat Hills CC
October 10, 2022
09:30:00River Place Acing Gracefullyvs.Great Hills BlabalotsRiver Place
09:30:00UTTC Sets in the City!vs.ACC Wise AcesUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00Courtyard Swinging Courtettesvs.WILCO Midcourt ChaosCourtyard
09:30:00WILCO Court Therapyvs.ACC ServeAcesOld Settler's Park
09:30:00Westwood Mood Swingvs. ByeWestwood
October 17, 2022
09:30:00ACC ServeAcesvs.UTTC Sets in the City!Austin Country Club
09:30:00Westwood Mood Swingvs.WILCO Court TherapyWestwood
09:30:00Courtyard Swinging Courtettesvs.ACC Wise AcesCourtyard
09:30:00Great Hills Blabalotsvs.WILCO Midcourt ChaosGreat Hills CC
09:30:00River Place Acing Gracefullyvs. ByeRiver Place
October 24, 2022
09:30:00ACC Wise Acesvs.Great Hills BlabalotsAustin Country Club
09:30:00WILCO Midcourt Chaosvs.River Place Acing GracefullyWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00UTTC Sets in the City!vs.Westwood Mood SwingUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
11:30:00ACC ServeAcesvs.Courtyard Swinging CourtettesAustin Country Club
09:30:00WILCO Court Therapyvs. ByeOld Settler's Park
October 31, 2022
11:30:00ACC ServeAcesvs.Great Hills BlabalotsAustin Country Club
09:30:00WILCO Court Therapyvs.UTTC Sets in the City!Old Settler's Park
09:30:00River Place Acing Gracefullyvs.ACC Wise AcesRiver Place
11:30:00Westwood Mood Swingvs.Courtyard Swinging CourtettesWestwood
09:30:00WILCO Midcourt Chaosvs. ByeWilliamson County Tennis Center
November 07, 2022
09:30:00ACC ServeAcesvs.River Place Acing GracefullyAustin Country Club
09:30:00Great Hills Blabalotsvs.Westwood Mood SwingGreat Hills CC
09:30:00WILCO Midcourt Chaosvs.ACC Wise AcesWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00WILCO Court Therapyvs.Courtyard Swinging CourtettesOld Settler's Park
09:30:00UTTC Sets in the City!vs. ByeUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
November 14, 2022
09:30:00Courtyard Swinging Courtettesvs.UTTC Sets in the City!Courtyard
11:30:00Great Hills Blabalotsvs.WILCO Court TherapyGreat Hills CC
09:30:00River Place Acing Gracefullyvs.Westwood Mood SwingRiver Place
09:30:00WILCO Midcourt Chaosvs.ACC ServeAcesWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00ACC Wise Acesvs. ByeAustin Country Club