Captains' Court
Pts. Total
ATA Downright Smashing00
BART Babygotbakhand00
BART VolleyGirls00
GR Ad-In Crowd00
GR Casual Sets00
GR Jalapenos00
LW BGB SetsOnLake00
LW Not Our Fault00
LW Strung Out00
LW What A Racquet00
POLO Racketeers00
  1. This division is allowed 8 subs each half of the season
  2. Number in superscript is the number of subs used that match - calculated AFTER match is confirmed by both teams OR 48 hours.
  3. The colors show what opponent a team plays each week
  4. R => Rescheduled Match
  5. P => Partial Score
  6. Scores in italics are unconfirmed matches - a D next to the result means the result is in dispute
  7. Questions? Email division coordinators