Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Super Champ — Fall 2022

September 22, 2022
09:30:00AWTA Patriotsvs.WILCO Serve-IvorsCaswell Tennis Center
09:30:00Barton Creek AceAceBabyvs.ATA Far Out Barton Creek Country Club
09:30:00Lost Creek Double Downvs.AWTA Racquet ScientistsLost Creek
09:30:00AWTA LUV Allvs.UTTC UT SupersUT Whitaker
09:30:00Westwood ALL-INvs.Lost Creek Downright SmashingWestwood
September 29, 2022
09:30:00AWTA LUV Allvs.Barton Creek AceAceBabyUT Whitaker
09:30:00Lost Creek Double Downvs.AWTA PatriotsLost Creek
09:30:00ATA Far Out vs.Westwood ALL-INAustin Tennis Academy
09:30:00WILCO Serve-Ivorsvs.AWTA Racquet ScientistsOld Settler's Park
09:30:00UTTC UT Supersvs.Lost Creek Downright SmashingUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
October 06, 2022
09:30:00AWTA Racquet Scientistsvs.AWTA LUV AllAustin Tennis Center
09:30:00WILCO Serve-Ivorsvs.Westwood ALL-INOld Settler's Park
09:30:00AWTA Patriotsvs.ATA Far Out Caswell Tennis Center
09:30:00Barton Creek AceAceBabyvs.UTTC UT SupersBarton Creek Country Club
11:30:00Lost Creek Downright Smashingvs.Lost Creek Double DownLost Creek
October 13, 2022
09:30:00WILCO Serve-Ivorsvs.AWTA LUV AllOld Settler's Park
09:30:00AWTA Patriotsvs.Westwood ALL-INCaswell Tennis Center
09:30:00Lost Creek Downright Smashingvs.ATA Far Out Lost Creek
09:30:00AWTA Racquet Scientistsvs.UTTC UT SupersAustin Tennis Center
09:30:00Barton Creek AceAceBabyvs.Lost Creek Double DownBarton Creek Country Club
October 20, 2022
09:30:00Westwood ALL-INvs.AWTA LUV AllWestwood
09:30:00Lost Creek Double Downvs.WILCO Serve-IvorsLost Creek
09:30:00AWTA Racquet Scientistsvs.AWTA PatriotsAustin Tennis Center
11:30:00ATA Far Out vs.UTTC UT SupersAustin Tennis Academy
09:30:00Barton Creek AceAceBabyvs.Lost Creek Downright SmashingBarton Creek Country Club
October 27, 2022
09:30:00AWTA Patriotsvs.AWTA LUV AllCaswell Tennis Center
09:30:00WILCO Serve-Ivorsvs.Barton Creek AceAceBabyOld Settler's Park
09:30:00UTTC UT Supersvs.Westwood ALL-INUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
11:30:00Lost Creek Double Downvs.ATA Far Out Lost Creek
09:30:00AWTA Racquet Scientistsvs.Lost Creek Downright SmashingAustin Tennis Center
November 03, 2022
09:30:00Lost Creek Downright Smashingvs.AWTA LUV AllLost Creek
11:30:00ATA Far Out vs.WILCO Serve-IvorsAustin Tennis Academy
09:30:00AWTA Racquet Scientistsvs.Barton Creek AceAceBabyAustin Tennis Center
09:30:00UTTC UT Supersvs.AWTA PatriotsUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood ALL-INvs.Lost Creek Double DownWestwood
November 10, 2022
11:30:00Lost Creek Downright Smashingvs.WILCO Serve-IvorsLost Creek
09:30:00AWTA Patriotsvs.Barton Creek AceAceBabyCaswell Tennis Center
09:30:00AWTA LUV Allvs.ATA Far Out UT Whitaker
09:30:00Westwood ALL-INvs.AWTA Racquet ScientistsWestwood
09:30:00UTTC UT Supersvs.Lost Creek Double DownUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
November 17, 2022
09:30:00UTTC UT Supersvs.WILCO Serve-IvorsUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood ALL-INvs.Barton Creek AceAceBabyWestwood
09:30:00Lost Creek Downright Smashingvs.AWTA PatriotsLost Creek
09:30:00ATA Far Out vs.AWTA Racquet ScientistsAustin Tennis Academy
09:30:00AWTA LUV Allvs.Lost Creek Double DownUT Whitaker