Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Seniors B — Fall 2023

September 22, 2023
09:30:00Westwood Haute Flashesvs.Grey Rock Shades of GreyWestwood
09:30:00AWTA Slammersvs.Westlake SenioritasCaswell Tennis Center
11:30:00Courtyard LOLvs.Courtyard Court ClassicsCourtyard
11:30:00Lakeway 2 Sets, Lunchvs.Lakeway Sassy LassiesLakeway
09:30:00Lakecliff Lakecliff Wise Acesvs. ByeLakecliff Racquet Club
September 29, 2023
09:30:00Lakeway 2 Sets, Lunchvs.Lakecliff Lakecliff Wise AcesLakeway
11:30:00Grey Rock Shades of Greyvs.Westlake SenioritasGrey Rock Tennis Club
11:30:00AWTA Slammersvs.Courtyard LOLCaswell Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood Haute Flashesvs.Lakeway Sassy LassiesWestwood
09:30:00Courtyard Court Classicsvs. ByeCourtyard
October 06, 2023
09:30:00Courtyard LOLvs.Grey Rock Shades of GreyCourtyard
09:30:00Lakecliff Lakecliff Wise Acesvs.Westwood Haute FlashesLakecliff Racquet Club
09:30:00Westlake Senioritasvs.Lakeway Sassy LassiesWestlake Country Club (formerly Lost Creek)
09:30:00Courtyard Court Classicsvs.AWTA SlammersCourtyard
09:30:00Lakeway 2 Sets, Lunchvs. ByeLakeway
October 13, 2023
09:30:00Westlake Senioritasvs.Lakecliff Lakecliff Wise AcesWestlake Country Club (formerly Lost Creek)
09:30:00Courtyard Court Classicsvs.Grey Rock Shades of GreyCourtyard
09:30:00Westwood Haute Flashesvs.Lakeway 2 Sets, LunchWestwood
09:30:00Lakeway Sassy Lassiesvs.Courtyard LOLLakeway
09:30:00AWTA Slammersvs. ByeCaswell Tennis Center
October 20, 2023
09:30:00Courtyard LOLvs.Lakecliff Lakecliff Wise AcesCourtyard
09:30:00Westlake Senioritasvs.Lakeway 2 Sets, LunchWestlake Country Club (formerly Lost Creek)
09:30:00Lakeway Sassy Lassiesvs.Courtyard Court ClassicsLakeway
11:30:00Grey Rock Shades of Greyvs.AWTA SlammersGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Westwood Haute Flashesvs. ByeWestwood
October 27, 2023
09:30:00Westlake Senioritasvs.Westwood Haute FlashesWestlake Country Club (formerly Lost Creek)
11:30:00Lakecliff Lakecliff Wise Acesvs.Courtyard Court ClassicsLakecliff Racquet Club
11:30:00Lakeway 2 Sets, Lunchvs.Courtyard LOLLakeway
09:30:00AWTA Slammersvs.Lakeway Sassy LassiesCaswell Tennis Center
09:30:00Grey Rock Shades of Greyvs. ByeGrey Rock Tennis Club
November 03, 2023
11:30:00Lakeway 2 Sets, Lunchvs.Courtyard Court ClassicsLakeway
09:30:00Westwood Haute Flashesvs.Courtyard LOLWestwood
11:30:00Grey Rock Shades of Greyvs.Lakeway Sassy LassiesGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Lakecliff Lakecliff Wise Acesvs.AWTA SlammersLakecliff Racquet Club
09:30:00Westlake Senioritasvs. ByeWestlake Country Club (formerly Lost Creek)
November 10, 2023
11:30:00Lakecliff Lakecliff Wise Acesvs.Grey Rock Shades of GreyLakecliff Racquet Club
11:30:00Courtyard Court Classicsvs.Westwood Haute FlashesCourtyard
11:30:00Courtyard LOLvs.Westlake SenioritasCourtyard
11:30:00AWTA Slammersvs.Lakeway 2 Sets, LunchCaswell Tennis Center
09:30:00Lakeway Sassy Lassiesvs. ByeLakeway
November 17, 2023
11:30:00Lakeway Sassy Lassiesvs.Lakecliff Lakecliff Wise AcesLakeway
09:30:00AWTA Slammersvs.Westwood Haute FlashesCaswell Tennis Center
09:30:00Courtyard Court Classicsvs.Westlake SenioritasCourtyard
11:30:00Grey Rock Shades of Greyvs.Lakeway 2 Sets, LunchGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Courtyard LOLvs. ByeCourtyard