Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Flight 6N — Fall 2021

September 20, 2021
09:30:00Cimarron We Drop Shots!vs.River Place Simply SmashingCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00AWTA Overservedvs.Berry Creek Berry SpicyUT Whitaker
09:30:00Great Hills Set2Winvs.Westwood Slice GirlzGreat Hills CC
09:30:00Berry Creek Dolls With Ballsvs.AWTA Rackets Up Berry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00UTTC Serves You Rightvs.Avery FireballsUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
September 27, 2021
11:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.River Place Simply SmashingSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00Avery Fireballsvs.Cimarron We Drop Shots!Avery Ranch
09:30:00Westwood Slice Girlzvs.Berry Creek Berry SpicyWestwood
09:30:00Berry Creek Dolls With Ballsvs.UTTC Serves You RightBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00AWTA Overservedvs.Great Hills Set2WinUT Whitaker
October 04, 2021
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Spicyvs.Berry Creek Dolls With BallsBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00Westwood Slice Girlzvs.Cimarron We Drop Shots!Westwood
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.AWTA OverservedRiver Place
09:30:00UTTC Serves You Rightvs.AWTA Rackets Up University of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00Avery Fireballsvs.Great Hills Set2WinAvery Ranch
October 11, 2021
11:30:00Westwood Slice Girlzvs.Berry Creek Dolls With BallsWestwood
09:30:00Great Hills Set2Winvs.Cimarron We Drop Shots!Great Hills CC
11:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.Berry Creek Berry SpicySouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00UTTC Serves You Rightvs.AWTA OverservedUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.Avery FireballsRiver Place
October 18, 2021
09:30:00Cimarron We Drop Shots!vs.Berry Creek Dolls With BallsCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00UTTC Serves You Rightvs.River Place Simply SmashingUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00AWTA Overservedvs.Westwood Slice GirlzUT Whitaker
09:30:00Avery Fireballsvs.AWTA Rackets Up Avery Ranch
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Spicyvs.Great Hills Set2WinBerry Creek (Georgetown)
October 25, 2021
09:30:00Great Hills Set2Winvs.Berry Creek Dolls With BallsGreat Hills CC
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Spicyvs.River Place Simply SmashingBerry Creek (Georgetown)
11:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.Cimarron We Drop Shots!South Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood Slice Girlzvs.UTTC Serves You RightWestwood
09:30:00AWTA Overservedvs.Avery FireballsUT Whitaker
November 01, 2021
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.Berry Creek Dolls With BallsRiver Place
09:30:00Cimarron We Drop Shots!vs.AWTA OverservedCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Spicyvs.UTTC Serves You RightBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00Avery Fireballsvs.Westwood Slice GirlzAvery Ranch
11:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.Great Hills Set2WinSouth Austin Tennis Center
November 08, 2021
09:30:00Cimarron We Drop Shots!vs.Berry Creek Berry SpicyCimarron Hills Country Club
11:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.AWTA OverservedSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00Great Hills Set2Winvs.UTTC Serves You RightGreat Hills CC
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.Westwood Slice GirlzRiver Place
09:30:00Berry Creek Dolls With Ballsvs.Avery FireballsBerry Creek (Georgetown)
November 15, 2021
09:30:00Avery Fireballsvs.Berry Creek Berry SpicyAvery Ranch
09:30:00Berry Creek Dolls With Ballsvs.AWTA OverservedBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00Cimarron We Drop Shots!vs.UTTC Serves You RightCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.Westwood Slice GirlzSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00River Place Simply Smashingvs.Great Hills Set2WinRiver Place