Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Flight 3 Yellow — Fall 2023

September 19, 2023
09:30:00Polo Tennis Inter-netters2.0vs.Lakeway NetChixPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.AWTA Up Your AlleyAustin Country Club
11:30:00Lakeway Set Me Upvs.AWTA Good Times SquadLakeway
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs.Grey Rock Net FixBarton Creek Country Club
11:30:00Lakeway Racq Pacqvs.Lakeway Serves You RightLakeway
September 26, 2023
09:30:00Grey Rock Net Fixvs.Polo Tennis Inter-netters2.0Grey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00AWTA Good Times Squadvs.Lakeway NetChixUT Whitaker
10:00:00AWTA Up Your Alleyvs.Lakeway Serves You RightSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00Lakeway Racq Pacqvs.ACC The SkirtsLakeway
11:30:00Lakeway Set Me Upvs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersLakeway
October 03, 2023
09:30:00Lakeway Serves You Rightvs.Lakeway Set Me UpLakeway
09:30:00Polo Tennis Inter-netters2.0vs.AWTA Up Your AlleyPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs.AWTA Good Times SquadBarton Creek Country Club
11:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.Lakeway Racq PacqLakeway
09:30:00Grey Rock Net Fixvs.ACC The SkirtsGrey Rock Tennis Club
October 10, 2023
10:00:00AWTA Up Your Alleyvs.Lakeway Set Me UpSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.Polo Tennis Inter-netters2.0Austin Country Club
09:30:00Lakeway Serves You Rightvs.AWTA Good Times SquadLakeway
11:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.Grey Rock Net FixLakeway
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs.Lakeway Racq PacqBarton Creek Country Club
October 17, 2023
09:30:00Polo Tennis Inter-netters2.0vs.Lakeway Set Me UpPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs.Lakeway NetChixBarton Creek Country Club
09:30:00Lakeway Racq Pacqvs.AWTA Up Your AlleyLakeway
09:30:00Grey Rock Net Fixvs.AWTA Good Times SquadGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Lakeway Serves You Rightvs.ACC The SkirtsLakeway
October 24, 2023
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.Lakeway Set Me UpAustin Country Club
11:30:00Lakeway Serves You Rightvs.Lakeway NetChixLakeway
09:30:00Polo Tennis Inter-netters2.0vs.AWTA Good Times SquadPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00Lakeway Racq Pacqvs.Grey Rock Net FixLakeway
10:00:00AWTA Up Your Alleyvs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersSouth Austin Tennis Center
October 31, 2023
11:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.Lakeway Set Me UpLakeway
09:30:00Grey Rock Net Fixvs.AWTA Up Your AlleyGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Polo Tennis Inter-netters2.0vs.Lakeway Racq PacqPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00AWTA Good Times Squadvs.ACC The SkirtsUT Whitaker
09:30:00Lakeway Serves You Rightvs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersLakeway
November 07, 2023
09:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.AWTA Up Your AlleyLakeway
09:30:00Lakeway Set Me Upvs.Grey Rock Net FixLakeway
09:30:00AWTA Good Times Squadvs.Lakeway Racq PacqUT Whitaker
09:30:00Polo Tennis Inter-netters2.0vs.Lakeway Serves You RightPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersAustin Country Club
November 14, 2023
10:00:00AWTA Up Your Alleyvs.AWTA Good Times SquadSouth Austin Tennis Center
11:30:00Lakeway Set Me Upvs.Lakeway Racq PacqLakeway
09:30:00Grey Rock Net Fixvs.Lakeway Serves You RightGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.ACC The SkirtsLakeway
09:30:00Polo Tennis Inter-netters2.0vs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersPolo Tennis & Fitness Club