Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Flight 4 Yellow — Fall 2022

September 14, 2022
09:30:00Lakeway Racket Sciencevs.Lakeway Don't Give A FuzzLakeway
09:30:00Polo Tennis Smokin Acesvs.Lakeway NetChixPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00Westwood Serve Me a Doublevs.AWTA Good Times SquadWestwood
09:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.ACC The SkirtsAustin Country Club
09:30:00ATA Over Servedvs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersAustin Tennis Academy
09:30:00Lost Creek It Takes Ballsvs. ByeLost Creek
September 21, 2022
11:30:00Lakeway Don't Give A Fuzzvs.Lost Creek It Takes BallsLakeway
11:30:00ATA Over Servedvs.Lakeway Racket ScienceAustin Tennis Academy
09:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.Westwood Serve Me a DoubleLakeway
09:30:00Polo Tennis Smokin Acesvs.ACC Double The FunPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00AWTA Good Times Squadvs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs. ByeAustin Country Club
September 28, 2022
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs.Lakeway NetChixBarton Creek Country Club
09:30:00AWTA Good Times Squadvs.Lakeway Racket ScienceSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.Westwood Serve Me a DoubleAustin Country Club
11:30:00Lost Creek It Takes Ballsvs.ATA Over ServedLost Creek
09:30:00Polo Tennis Smokin Acesvs.ACC The SkirtsPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00Lakeway Don't Give A Fuzzvs. ByeLakeway
October 05, 2022
09:30:00AWTA Good Times Squadvs.Lost Creek It Takes BallsSouth Austin Tennis Center
11:30:00Lakeway Racket Sciencevs.Lakeway NetChixLakeway
11:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.Westwood Serve Me a DoubleAustin Country Club
09:30:00Lakeway Don't Give A Fuzzvs.ATA Over ServedLakeway
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs.ACC Double The FunBarton Creek Country Club
09:30:00Polo Tennis Smokin Acesvs. ByePolo Tennis & Fitness Club
October 12, 2022
09:30:00AWTA Good Times Squadvs.Lakeway Don't Give A FuzzSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00Lost Creek It Takes Ballsvs.Lakeway NetChixLost Creek
11:30:00Polo Tennis Smokin Acesvs.Westwood Serve Me a DoublePolo Tennis & Fitness Club
11:30:00Lakeway Racket Sciencevs.ACC Double The FunLakeway
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersAustin Country Club
09:30:00ATA Over Servedvs. ByeAustin Tennis Academy
October 19, 2022
11:30:00Lakeway Don't Give A Fuzzvs.Lakeway NetChixLakeway
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.Lakeway Racket ScienceAustin Country Club
11:30:00ATA Over Servedvs.AWTA Good Times SquadAustin Tennis Academy
09:30:00Lost Creek It Takes Ballsvs.ACC Double The FunLost Creek
09:30:00Polo Tennis Smokin Acesvs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersPolo Tennis & Fitness Club
09:30:00Westwood Serve Me a Doublevs. ByeWestwood
October 26, 2022
11:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.Lakeway Don't Give A FuzzAustin Country Club
09:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.Lost Creek It Takes BallsAustin Country Club
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs.Westwood Serve Me a DoubleBarton Creek Country Club
09:30:00Lakeway Racket Sciencevs.Polo Tennis Smokin AcesLakeway
11:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.ATA Over ServedLakeway
09:30:00AWTA Good Times Squadvs. ByeSouth Austin Tennis Center
November 02, 2022
11:30:00Westwood Serve Me a Doublevs.Lakeway Racket ScienceWestwood
09:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.AWTA Good Times SquadLakeway
09:30:00Lost Creek It Takes Ballsvs.Polo Tennis Smokin AcesLost Creek
09:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.ATA Over ServedAustin Country Club
09:30:00Lakeway Don't Give A Fuzzvs.ACC The SkirtsLakeway
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs. ByeBarton Creek Country Club
November 09, 2022
09:30:00Westwood Serve Me a Doublevs.Lost Creek It Takes BallsWestwood
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs.Lakeway Racket ScienceBarton Creek Country Club
11:30:00ACC Double The Funvs.AWTA Good Times SquadAustin Country Club
11:30:00Lakeway Don't Give A Fuzzvs.Polo Tennis Smokin AcesLakeway
09:30:00ATA Over Servedvs.ACC The SkirtsAustin Tennis Academy
09:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs. ByeLakeway
November 16, 2022
11:30:00Westwood Serve Me a Doublevs.Lakeway Don't Give A FuzzWestwood
11:30:00ACC The Skirtsvs.AWTA Good Times SquadAustin Country Club
09:30:00ATA Over Servedvs.Polo Tennis Smokin AcesAustin Tennis Academy
09:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.ACC Double The FunLakeway
09:30:00Lost Creek It Takes Ballsvs.Barton Creek Ruffled FeathersLost Creek
09:30:00Lakeway Racket Sciencevs. ByeLakeway
November 30, 2022
09:30:00Barton Creek Ruffled Feathersvs.Lakeway Don't Give A FuzzBarton Creek Country Club
11:30:00Lakeway Racket Sciencevs.Lost Creek It Takes BallsLakeway
11:30:00AWTA Good Times Squadvs.Polo Tennis Smokin AcesSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood Serve Me a Doublevs.ATA Over ServedWestwood
09:30:00Lakeway NetChixvs.ACC The SkirtsLakeway
09:30:00ACC Double The Funvs. ByeAustin Country Club