Captains' Court

WTTA Schedule

Flight 1N — Fall 2020

October 01, 2020
11:30:00Cimarron Strikersvs.Berry Creek Berry LoveCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs.WILCO Volley This!Williamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Courtyard On The Risevs.Courtyard JammersCourtyard
09:30:00ACC Game Changersvs.ACC AcesAustin Country Club
09:30:00Westwood Net Setvs. ByeWestwood
October 08, 2020
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs.Berry Creek Berry LoveWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Westwood Net Setvs.WILCO Volley This!Westwood
09:30:00ACC Game Changersvs.Cimarron StrikersAustin Country Club
09:30:00Courtyard On The Risevs.ACC AcesCourtyard
09:30:00Courtyard Jammersvs. ByeCourtyard
October 15, 2020
09:30:00Courtyard On The Risevs.Cimarron StrikersCourtyard
11:30:00ACC Acesvs.Courtyard JammersAustin Country Club
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs.ACC Game ChangersWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Lovevs.Westwood Net SetBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00WILCO Volley This!vs. ByeWilliamson County Tennis Center
October 22, 2020
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Lovevs.WILCO Volley This!Berry Creek (Georgetown)
11:30:00Cimarron Strikersvs.Courtyard JammersCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs.Courtyard On The RiseWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00ACC Game Changersvs.Westwood Net SetAustin Country Club
09:30:00ACC Acesvs. ByeAustin Country Club
October 29, 2020
09:30:00ACC Acesvs.Cimarron StrikersAustin Country Club
09:30:00Westwood Net Setvs.Courtyard On The RiseWestwood
09:30:00WILCO Volley This!vs.ACC Game ChangersWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Courtyard Jammersvs.WILCO Rally GalsCourtyard
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Lovevs. ByeBerry Creek (Georgetown)
November 05, 2020
09:30:00WILCO Volley This!vs.Courtyard On The RiseWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Lovevs.ACC Game ChangersBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00Courtyard Jammersvs.Westwood Net SetCourtyard
09:30:00ACC Acesvs.WILCO Rally GalsAustin Country Club
09:30:00Cimarron Strikersvs. ByeCimarron Hills Country Club
November 12, 2020
09:30:00Courtyard On The Risevs.Berry Creek Berry LoveCourtyard
09:30:00WILCO Volley This!vs.Courtyard JammersWilliamson County Tennis Center
11:30:00ACC Acesvs.Westwood Net SetAustin Country Club
09:30:00Cimarron Strikersvs.WILCO Rally GalsCimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00ACC Game Changersvs. ByeAustin Country Club
November 19, 2020
09:30:00Courtyard Jammersvs.Berry Creek Berry LoveCourtyard
09:30:00Westwood Net Setvs.Cimarron StrikersWestwood
11:30:00ACC Game Changersvs.Courtyard On The RiseAustin Country Club
09:30:00WILCO Volley This!vs.ACC AcesWilliamson County Tennis Center
09:30:00WILCO Rally Galsvs. ByeWilliamson County Tennis Center
December 03, 2020
09:30:00Cimarron Strikersvs.WILCO Volley This!Cimarron Hills Country Club
09:30:00Courtyard Jammersvs.ACC Game ChangersCourtyard
09:30:00Westwood Net Setvs.WILCO Rally GalsWestwood
09:30:00Berry Creek Berry Lovevs.ACC AcesBerry Creek (Georgetown)
09:30:00Courtyard On The Risevs. ByeCourtyard