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Spring 2019 WTTA League Rules Printable Version


  1. WTTA is an amateur tennis league consisting of a Fall season beginning in September and a Spring season beginning in February. A season shall consist of not less than six weeks or more than eleven weeks of play.
  2. A Flight is a numerical designation for a group of teams.  A team consists of four (4) doubles lines or eight (8) players.
  3. If a flight exceeds twelve teams, it will be split into a North (N) and a South (S) section. The split will be based on driving distances. Teams will be split as evenly as possible between the two sections. Teams from the same club MAY be split between the North and South sections.
  4. The "N" and "S" sections of each Flight will operate independently, and there will be no "playoff" between the two flights.
  5. Flights Super Championship and 1 will play on Thursday mornings. Flights 2 and 3  will play on Tuesday mornings. Flights 4 and 5 will play on Wednesday mornings. Flights 6 and 7 will play on Monday mornings. Championship and Seniors will play on Friday mornings.
  6. The team rosters, sub-lists, and dues must be received by the WTTA Director by the designated dates. Additions will not be accepted after the deadline.
  7. A captains meeting may be held as needed either before or during the season.


  1. Each club is responsible for providing sufficient courts for their teams on each day of play. The scheduler will attempt to evenly balance a club's teams between home and away each week. Minimum court requirements will be as follows:

    1 to 4 teams on a given day =  4 courts (at both 9:30 and 11:30)  
    5 to 8 teams on a given day =  8 courts (at both 9:30 and 11:30)    
  2.   Each club will indicate the number of courts they will provide with times when submitting their list of teams for each season. Clubs are encouraged to provide the most courts possible, to reduce or eliminate the need for late matches. Courts must be available for warmup no later than 9:15am for 9:30 matches.
  3. WTTA is a HARD/OUTDOOR court league. NO SOFT/CLAY COURTS will be allowed for match play.
  4. Indoor courts may be used at any time both captains agree.
  5. Any court, facility, parking or guest fees must be paid by the home team.
  6. The playing site must have permanent rest room facilities (no porta potties) and home teams must furnish water ON COURT for the duration of the match.
  7. For each match, the home team will furnish a new can of yellow tennis balls to be opened when all four players are on court. Only  USTA approved balls may be used. Balls specifically designed for indoor or clay courts may not be used. 


Flights Championship and 1 through 7  (For Super Championship and Seniors Rules, refer to Last Section)

a team with at least 5 of the 8 roster players returning from the previous season.  Or 4 of the 6 in a six player roster.  The roster players listed in the second half of the season shall be considered the established team.
a team with 4 or fewer returning roster players (3 or fewer in a six player roster)
a player who was not listed on the team roster the previous season, or a player who was listed on the roster the first half of the season and then removed. Substitutes are considered new players.  
  1. A team that finishes first or second in Flight 1 through 7 will move up one flight for the next season and a team that finishes last or next to last in Flight Championship through 6 will move down one flight for the next season.
  2. A team that finishes first in Championship North or South will move up to Super Championship for the next season.  A team that finishes last or next to last in Super Championship will move down to Championship for the next season.
  3. Teams using an excessive number of subs will not be eligible to be the winner or runnerup in their flight.  These teams will not be moved up to the next higher flight at the end of the season and will not receive winner or runnerup prizes.  Flight movement and awards will go to the next eligible team in their flight.  Flights with no sub limits (Seniors and Super Champs) will not be affected by this rule.
  4. An excessive number of subs is defined as a season total of over 2 subs per match.  (Byes will not count in the match total).  Specific excessive subs numbers are as follows:  9 matches played - 19 or more total subs, 10 matches played - 21 or more total subs, 11 matches played - 23 or more total subs, 12 matches played - 25 or more total subs. 
  5. New teams may request to enter in their flight of choice. New teams will be required to submit a \"New Team Form\" to their club representative prior to the placement meeting. On this form, the team should show their flight of choice, as well as all other flights they are willing to play
  6. FINAL TEAM PLACEMENTS WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE PLACEMENT COMMITTEE OF THE WTTA EXECUTIVE BOARD. ALL PLACEMENT DECISIONS ARE FINAL  The placement committee may propose additional movements at their discretion to balance out the flights.
  7. If a new team cannot be placed in one of the flights they are willing to play, then that team will not be placed for the upcoming season, and those players will be eligible to sub for other teams.
  8. Once a team has been placed in a flight, if a team drops out of the league, the players on that roster are ineligible to play or sub for any team within the WTTA league for that current season.


  1. All players and substitutes must meet the following qualifications for the duration of the season to participate:
    1. Must be at least 21 years old.
    2. Must be a member or have WTTA membership privileges in the club that she represents.
    3. Must play for only one club during the season. May only be on one team roster per season. (Note exception in Seniors Rules)
    4. Must be listed on the team roster or sub list.

    Professional players are eligible to play in the Super Championship flight. A professional player is a player who receives income for playing tennis, or who is a USPTA or USPTR certified teaching professional. Players in this category who wish to play in any other flight must submit a request in writing to the WTTA Board who will review their playing information and record and make a final determination.

    ILLEGAL PLAYER: An illegal player is defined as someone played by a team who fails to meet one or more of the above requirements. If an illegal player is played, that team will receive no points for matches in which the illegal player has played. The opponent will receive a default for the line(s) on which the illegal player was used, in addition to any points that the opponent earns from the lines played.  The team with the illegal player will lose any points they would have otherwise earned for all lines played in this match.

  1. Each club submits a team roster of eight (8) players for each flight entered in Flights Championship and 1 through 7. Super Championship teams will submit a roster of 6-8 players and Seniors teams should submit a roster of 6 players.
  2. A roster player may be replaced permanently on the roster on the designated roster change date each season.   The replacement player cannot come from a higher flight's sublist.  A maximum of 3 roster players may be replaced on any given team.
  3. A player who is taken off a Flight roster (other than Seniors)  will be ineligible to play or sub for any WTTA team in Flights Super Championship - Flight 7 for the balance of that season. A player who is taken off a Seniors roster will be ineligible to play or sub for any WTTA Seniors team for the balance of that season.
  4. If the listing of any roster player or sub is questionable on the level she is entered, the Executive Board and Director have the right to investigate the circumstances and change the player or sub to the appropriate flight.  If no appropriate flight exists at that club, a player may be required to be removed from that club's roster or sublist. 


  1. A ROSTER PLAYER may substitute in any higher flight. She may not sub for any other team in her same flight. She may not sub DOWN.
  2. A SUBSTITUTE PLAYER may sub up in any higher flight. She may not sub DOWN.
  3. Substitute and Roster players may only sub once per match. Their name may only appear once on a scorecard.
  4. Substitution rules apply to ALL matches including scheduled, make-up, or rain-outs


FLIGHTS Championship and 1 THROUGH 7  (For Super Championship and Seniors Rules, refer to Last Section)

  1. Each season will be divided into two halves. For purposes of sub use, the first half will be either (a)the first four scheduled weeks of play for an eight or nine match season, or (b) the first five scheduled weeks of play for a ten or eleven match season. Byes will count as a match.
  2. Each team will have a SUB ALLOWANCE with a specific number of subs allowed in each half of the season without any scoring adjustment.
  3. A team that has a seven or eight week season receives a sub allowance of six subs per half. A team that has a nine or ten week season receives a sub allowance of  seven subs per half. A team that has an eleven week season receives a sub allowance of  eight subs per half.
  4. A line using subs over the sub allowance for the half will receive one point less for a match win or a set win. If the line would not have received any points, then there is no point deduction.
  5. Subs will be counted from Line 1 through Line 4. Thus if a team uses more than one sub in a match, the sub on the highest line is counted first, etc. This will be the process for determining which sub is the first sub over the limit each half.
  6. Eligible subs may be added at any time during the season.  Captains/players wishing to have subs added make the request through their club representative in advance of using them in a match.  The club rep will verify that the sub is eligible (has membership privileges, has not been on another club's sublist that season) and that the sub is placed at an appropriate level.  Once verification is complete, the club rep will have the sub added to the sublist on the WTTA website, after which point the sub will be eligible to play.  Captains must verify that the sub has been added on the website before the match using the new player. 
  7. Teams using an excessive number of subs will not be eligible to be the winner or runnerup in their flight.  These teams will not be moved up to the next higher flight at the end of the season and will not receive winner or runnerup prizes.  Flight movement and awards will go to the next eligible team in their flight.  Flights with no sub limits (Seniors and Super Champs) will not be affected by this rule.
  8. An excessive number of subs is defined as a season total of over 2 subs per match.  (Byes will not count in the match total).  Specific excessive subs numbers are as follows:  9 matches played - 19 or more total subs, 10 matches played - 21 or more total subs, 11 matches played - 23 or more total subs, 12 matches played - 25 or more total subs.



  1. Team matches will consist of four (4) doubles matches in Flights Championship,  and 1 through 7, and three (3) doubles matches in Super Championship and Seniors.
  2. Individual matches will be the best 2 out of 3 sets using a 10 Point Tiebreaker in place of the third set. Any set which is tied at 6 all will use a 7 point tiebreaker to determine the set winner.  In both Tiebreakers teams must win by a minimum of 2 points.  The 10 point tiebreaker for the third set will be the first team to 10, by a margin of at least two points.  The set tiebreaker used in the first two sets will be first to 7 by a margin of at least two points.  The Coman tie-breaker procedures as specified by the USTA will be used. Ends are changed after the first point, then after every four points, and at the conclusion of the Tiebreak. The score for the third set tiebreaker will be entered as 1-0 in favor of the winning team.

    5 - points for a straight set win (2 sets)
    4- points for a three set win
    1 - point for a three set loss
  4. All matches should be played at the time and location scheduled. A change in the location of a match must be declared as soon as it is known by the home team by notifying the guest captain. If the original home location is unavailable, the home captain must first offer to play at the visiting team's site. If the visiting team does not have courts available, it is up to the home captain to find WTTA acceptable courts to play the match on the originally scheduled date and time. If no courts are available then the match/line will be a reschedule.
  5. Early matches must begin promptly at 9:30 AM. Players should arrive for the match by 9:00 AM to be present for lineup exchange and have ample warm-up time with their opponents.
  6. Play is continuous from the first ball served in the match, therefore, all practice serves must be taken during pre-match warm-up. A two (2) minute rest period is permitted between the 1st and 2nd set, as well as between the 2nd set and the 3rd set tiebreak.
  7. If a late match is scheduled, the visiting captain may offer available courts at their facility for an early match. The visiting captain should contact the home team captain as early as possible, once the availability of courts is assured. The home team captain then has the option to move the match to the visitors' location, and play at 9:30, or keep the match at their home courts, and begin no later than 11:30.
  8. If a late match is scheduled, it will be placed on court no later than 11:30 AM. As courts are made available from the early match, lines may be placed on court to begin warmup with their opponents. Players should arrive between 11:00 and 11:15am, to be ready to take the courts for warm up as soon as courts are available.
  9. All 9:30 teams must relinquish courts to late matches by 11:30 AM, or upon conclusion of each line, whichever is earlier. If by 11:30 AM, any of the early matches are not completed, and courts are still needed for 11:30 matches,  the match in progress must be moved to another court at the playing facility if a court is immediately available. If no court is available, the match will be treated as a rainout once play has begun, and rescheduled for completion from that point at a later date. (See Weather Conditions) . 

SECTION 7: MATCH PLAY AND REPORTING - STANDARD (Match played as scheduled)

  1. Each team must have a captain or acting captain present at every match.
  3. Matches must begin promptly.  For early matches, play must begin at 9:30 AM and all warm-up, pre-match bathroom breaks, etc. MUST be taken prior to that time.  For late matches, a 15 minute warm-up with your opponents will be allowed from the time each line goes on court.  NO WARMUP CAN OCCUR AFTER 9:30AM FOR EARLY MATCHES.  
  6. Each captain, when inputting or verifying the results of a match, must give their opponent a sportsmanship ranking which will be used to determine the Sportsmanship winners in each flight at the end of the season.   This ranking is done on a line by line basis, so players on each line should be asked about the opponents' sportsmanship.  Teams will only be eligible for the Sportsmanship award if they have entered Sportsmanship rankings for at least 90% of the lines played.
  7. When defaulting a position, if possible, contact the opposing captain and notify them of the default prior to the match. Captains are required to notify their opponents of a default as soon as they are certain that a default will take place. Line # 4 will receive the default and will not be required to appear at the match site. If a default has been given prior to a match, and the match is rained out with no play, then the default is voided.
  8. For a defaulted match, the names of ALL players, including those defaulting, must be recorded on the score card with the word DEFAULT. No score will be entered if no play occurred.  Roster player names may be entered for the defaulted line, rather than sub names,  even if subs were actually present to play before the line was defaulted.
  9. Any team that defaults two lines in a single match will receive zero points for that match for a first offense.  The opponent will receive 5 points for each line which was defaulted, in addition to any points that the opponent earns from the lines played.
  10. Any team that defaults two lines in a single match for a second time in one season will be removed from the current WTTA season.  This means that all of their prior and future matches for that season will be treated as a bye for their opponents.  Any prior matches will be voided, with all points and results removed, and all future matches will be changed to a bye for opponents.  Extreme extenuating circumstances may be reviewed by the WTTA Board on a case by case basis.
  11. Any team that defaults three or more lines in a single match will be removed from the current WTTA season.  This means that all of their prior and future matches for that season will be treated as a bye for their opponents.  Any prior matches will be voided, with all points and results removed, and all future matches will be changed to a bye for opponents.  Extreme extenuating circumstances may be reviewed by the WTTA Board on a case by case basis.
  12. If a player becomes unable to play for any reason after warm up has begun, but prior to match play beginning, that player/line will retire from their match on that line. No other lines will be moved/affected once line-ups have been exchanged AND warm up has begun.
  13. If a match is RETIRED after warmup or match play has begun because a player is unable to continue for any reason, the match should be scored to the point of retirement, giving the win to the players who did not stop play. All points, games, and sets stand as played. 


  1. Rained out matches may be rescheduled.
  2. It is a WTTA policy that school holiday,  recognized religious holiday or USTA sectional or national tournament conflicts may be rescheduled ONLY by the affected lines. Teams which desire to reschedule line(s) due to any of these must notify the opposing captain, as well as their Flight Coordinator, prior to the start of each season. This notification should be done via an email sent on or before the Friday preceding the start of the season, to the opposing captain for that match, copied to the Flight Coordinator, giving the date when line(s) will need to be rescheduled. At least two weeks prior to the match, the team requesting a reschedule must notify the opponent, again copying the Flight Coordinator, of the specific line(s) which will need to be rescheduled. For matches during the first two weeks of play, the original notification should include the specific lines that will need to reschedule.  At that time, both teams should make contact and select new dates for the affected lines.  As with all reschedules, if agreement has not been reached within 48 hours, the Flight Coordinator should be contacted to assist. Players should attempt to reschedule the lines at the earliest possible date, including dates earlier than the originally scheduled date of play, to avoid delays.
  3. EXTREME WEATHER conditions, other than rain, should follow the rainout procedure. Those conditions are: actual temperatures of 40* and below, wind chill of 32* and below, actual temperatures of 105* and above, or sustained winds of 30 mph or more.
  4. In the event of rain, or other "extreme weather conditions" as defined in the WTTA Rules, captains should contact each other by 8:00 AM for the early matches or 10:00 AM for the late matches if conditions are marginal. If the other team cannot be reached prior to the cancellation of the match, someone from the home team should meet the other team at the courts. The home team captain has the responsibility to ascertain and communicate the conditions for match time at the home courts should there be the possibility of rain or "extreme weather" as defined in the WTTA Rules. Should "extreme weather" or rain conditions exist at match time, either captain can require the cancellation and rescheduling of the match.
  5. If a match is rained out captains must immediately enter the rainout into the WTTA website by entering a Weather Delay.  THE FIRST CAPTAIN TO ENTER WILL ENTER THE WEATHER DELAY AND IMMEDIATELY BE PROMPTED TO INPUT HER LINEUP FOR THE MAKEUP MATCH (Roster players only).  ONCE THE WEATHER DELAY HAS BEEN ENTERED THE OPPOSING CAPTAIN WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL REQUIRING HER LINEUP TO BE ENTERED AS WELL.    WHEN BOTH CAPTAINS HAVE ENTERED THEIR LINEUP FOR THE MAKEUP MATCH, THE SYSTEM WILL GENERATE AN EMAIL TO BOTH CAPTAINS WITH THE NAMES AND CONTACT INFORMATION OF THE LINEUP FOR THE MATCH.  At that point, captains should share the lineup and contact information with all of their players and rescheduling should commence immediately.  Subs may be used for any roster players shown in the lineup, but roster players may not be moved to a different line for the makeup match.
  6. Rained out matches must be rescheduled as soon as possible by all players.  Rescheduling for all lines should be completed within 48 hours (not counting weekends) and new dates input into the system.  Any lines who have not completed rescheduling within 48 hours must contact their Flight Coordinator for assistance.  The Flight Coordinator will then assist in the selection of a date which can be input into the system before the final 72 hour deadline for rescheduling.
  7. Players must be flexible in designating MORE THAN ONE alternative day and time for make-up matches. Monday through Friday morning, with a start time between nine and noonis considered standard. Night and weekend times are not considered standard although, all four players may agree to play at these times. Once a match is rescheduled, players are committed to play on that date, and at that time. If a roster player cannot play on the date of the rescheduled match, she must get a sub or default. Cancellation because of rain for individual make-up matches is determined by the home team players based on the conditions of the actual playing site.
  8. In cases where agreement is not reached within 48 hours,  each team should give their Flight Coordinator all of the standard dates they are willing to play. The Flight Coordinator will randomly draw one of the dates. The home team will immediately check to insure that courts are available on that date and time. If not, the visiting team will be asked to provide courts.  If neither club has courts available for the date chosen, then another date will be drawn.  Once a date is drawn and courts are secured, that becomes the officially rescheduled date. The team that is unable to play on that date must either send a sub or default.
  9. All makeup matches must be played within 3 calendar weeks of the originally scheduled match.  The official WTTA Thanksgiving or Spring Break week will not count.  If the makeup is rained out, the match must be played within the original 3 calendar weeks from the original match date or 10 calendar days from the makeup date, whichever is later.  However, all matches must be played by the end of the 14th day following the flight's last match of the season.
  10. Captains must go to the WTTA website, by midnight of the day after the scheduled date for each line of a rain makeup, and input the results for that line of the makeup match.  ANY MATCH RESULTS NOT INPUT BY MIDNIGHT OF THE DAY FOLLOWING A RAIN MAKEUP WILL BE VOIDED, AND NO POINTS WILL BE AWARDED FOR THAT MATCH.
  11. RAIN ON SITE: If there is a good chance that all 4 courts will be playable by 10:00 AM, and no late match is scheduled for those courts, all 16 players must remain on-site and available to play. Captains should use reasonable judgment in determining whether courts will be playable within the alloted time and ask players to help prepare the courts for play.  If all 4 courts are not playable by 9:30 AM,. and a late match is scheduled for those courts, or by 10:00 AM if no late match is scheduled, then the early match will be deemed a rain-out and rescheduling rules will apply. The captain of the team whose facility is being used (or the player from that facility in the case of a rain make-up where the captain is not involved) has the final call on the condition of the courts. However, no player can be forced to play in unsafe conditions.  If some of the courts are playable, but not all, then captains may agree on which lines to begin play on the courts available.  
  12. Rain occurs on site after line-ups have been exchanged:
    1. When no lines have started play and the match is cancelled, changes may be made to the line-up if necessary. Roster players must replace subs and players may be moved from one line to another. These changes MUST be made on site. If a default has been issued, it is now voided.
    2. Any line(s)  in progress must be continued by the same players and resumed at the same point, game, and set as they stood when halted. Any point played is always counted and never played again. Any lines that have not begun will be treated the same as rescheduled matches. Subs and roster players not in the original line-up are eligible. However, players listed in the original line-up may not be moved from one line to another. Any default issued will stand.



Weather delay must be entered and both Captains must enter their lineup into the website  


Captains must complete rescheduling of all four lines and enter all dates into the WTTA website

Monday matches must be rescheduled and new dates entered by noon on Wednesday.

Tuesday matches must be rescheduled and new dates entered by noon on Thursday.

Wednesday matches must be rescheduled and new dates entered by noon on Friday.

Thursday matches must be rescheduled and new dates entered by noon on Monday.

Friday matches must be rescheduled and new dates entered by noon on Tuesday.

If any line has not completed rescheduling by these deadlines, captains must contact their Flight Coordinator and provide list of available dates for their line to play.  At that point the Flight Coordinator will randomly choose a date, and the rescheduling will be complete.  If one team does not contact the Flight Coordinator, then a date will be drawn from the other team's dates, and both teams will be required to play on that date.


Should any line be rained out a second (or third) time, the new date of play must be entered into the system within 48 hours (not including weekends) following the additional rainout.

Results must be input for each line played by midnight following the date of that line's match. 



In cases where there is a catastrophic traffic event, WTTA will require teams to accomodate players who are unable to reach the playing facility at the regular time.  These cases will be determined by the WTTA Board and will be situations that are severe in nature.  Examples of recent situation that would have qualified are the gas leak in Steiner Ranch that closed access in and out of that neighborhood and the recent sewage spill combined with traffic accidents in the 620/2222 area.

When a catastrophic traffic event occurs, teams have the option of doing one of the following:

1)  Allow players arriving late to have a 10 minute warmup upon arrival and then begin play.

2)  Allow line(s) who do not have all players present at the normal default time to reschedule on a line by line basis to complete play at a later date and time.

Only lines with players affected by the event will be allowed to start late or reschedule.

When possible, WTTA will send out a notifaction that they are aware of an event that qualifies so that captains know that this situation exists.  If that cannot happen, then once the Board and Director have reviewed the situation and determined that the event qualifies, all captains will be notified and any defaults that were taken will be voided, with those lines rescheduling to play at a later date.

Players are expected to arrive at matches on time or risk default.  There are very few situations that will qualify as a catastrophic event, so players should not rely on this rule to cover normal traffic tie ups including wrecks, excessive traffic, construction detours, etc.


  1. A total of all points at the end of the regular season will determine the order of finish in a Flight.
  2. Ties for all positions will be broken as follows:
    1. Head to head results: Most points received
    2. Head to head results: Least games lost
    3. Fewest subs used during the season
  3. The team winning its Flight will receive a plaque that can be displayed at their club. All players on the teams finishing 1st or 2nd in a Flight will receive an individual gift.
  4. All players on the team with the highest average rating for Sportsmanship in each Flight, whose Captain entered at least 90% of opponents' Sportsmanship rankings,  will receive an individual gift.


  1. Players may not accept any coaching during the progress of a match. This means coaching by a coach or spectator, directly or indirectly.
  2. Teammates or spectators may not volunteer advice on line calls, scoring, or the conduct of a match. It is each team's responsibility to control their spectators' conduct during play. Poor behavior will not be tolerated. Only players are permitted to be on court during play. No pets allowed.
  3. There shall be no hindrance of a player during a match. This includes but is not limited to: telephones, cameras, videocams, children or pets (regardless of supervision).  If a team feels that a hindrance is occurring then they should ask that the opponent correct the situation.  (Silence cell phones, remove children or pets, ask spectators to move away from the court, etc.)  This will serve as the "warning", per Rule 7 below.  If teams continue to violate WTTA or USTA rules, and/or refuse to correct a hindrance, then that team will lose first a point, then a game and then the match.   See Rule 7 below.

    CELL PHONES: Cell phones must be silenced during play.  Cell phones, if brought on court,  should remain in a player's purse or bag and not used during the match. Emergency calls only will be allowed during changeovers.    Should a phone ring during play, any player hindered by the ring may call a let. The phone should then be silenced and the point replayed. If the player refuses to silence the phone and it audibly rings again during play, that player loses the point based on a deliberate hindrance.   Fitness trackers and watches with text capability may be worn during play, but players should refrain from reading texts or receiving or making calls on these devices until play is completed.  If a player is using a watch or fitness tracker to receive texts during play, opponents may require that the device be removed until play is complete. 
  4. No official linesman or umpires will be provided for matches; however, a player from each team may stand at the net to observe play for the duration of the match if a linesman is necessary.  
  5. If a player reverses an "out" call made during a point, the point will no longer be replayed.  The point will be awarded to the opponent.  Players are expected to be honest with their calls, and to correct a call if they realize they were mistaken.
  6. Per USTA Rules regarding unofficiated matches, if Players cannot agree on a rule question during play, they have the option to either go back to a point prior to the disagreement, play a let for the point that is in question, or if they cannot agree to do either of those, a coin toss will determine how the matter is decided.  This covers areas where players are unclear on rules covering a situation that occurs during match play and no USTA rule source is available. 
  7. If players violate either WTTA rules or the USTA code of conduct during a match, USTA rules regarding unofficiated matches will again be used.  This means that the player first receives a warning, then if the offense occurs again, the player loses first a point, then a game, and then the match. 
  8. All participants in WTTA are bound by WTTA Bylaws, League Rules, as well as the official USTA rules, \"The Code\", and the handbook of ethics and fair play. All participants are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship and to accurately report all match results. Not all possible incidents and ramifications can be covered in the above rules. The Board can investigate allegations of unethical behavior, as well as violations of the rules, and is authorized to take appropriate actions, up to and including dismissal from the league, for any player or players involved.
  9. Participants in unusual or undocumented situations should be referred to your captain. If in doubt, your captain may contact your Flight Coordinator or Club Representative. She will answer your question, contact the WTTA Director, or help you make an official protest to the Executive Board.


Super Championship and Seniors


All WTTA Rules and By-laws apply to the Super Championship and Senior Flights with the following exceptions:

  1. Teams in the Super  Championship,  and Senior flights consist of three (3) doubles lines of play.   A returning team is a team with 4 or more of the roster players returning.  A team with 3 or fewer roster players returning will be considered new.
  2. There is no automatic movement between the  Seniors flight(s) and the other "numbered" flights from season to season.
  3. The Super Championship and Senior flights have no limitations in the number of eligible subs used.


  1. For Seniors, all roster players and substitutes must be fifty-five (55) years of age before the season begins.
  2. For Seniors play only, players are allowed to play for two clubs during the same season. Senior players may be listed as roster players or subs for one club for a Flighted team, and as Seniors roster players or subs for a second club. However, those players must be listed in those additional flights as roster players or substitutes to be eligible.
  3. Players who are replaced on a Senior team roster at mid-season will be ineligible to play or sub for any Senior team for the balance of that season but may continue to play or sub for a Flighted team, if they are listed there.
  4. Seniors teams will be divided geographically based solely on playing site location, without regard to number of teams in each section.  All playing sites north of 183 will be in Seniors North and all playing sites south of 183 will be Seniors South.
  5. When either the North or South Seniors section is large enough, then it will be further split into "A" and "B" sections.    Final decision on A/B placement will be made by the Placement committee based on  prior season performance and number of teams.  All Placement committee decisions are final.


  1. Any team that wishes to add a "professional" player to their roster will be required to also request Placement at the Super Championship level. A professional player is a player who receives income for playing tennis, or who is a USPTA or USPTR certified teaching professional.



All protests and grievances concerning match play, etc. should first be taken to the appropriate Flight Coordinator and/or club rep. If the issue cannot be resolved at that level, than the Captain of any team may file an Official protest with the WTTA board.

Official protests may be filed by the Captain of any team participating in WTTA who feels one or more of the WTTA rules has been violated. The protest must be in writing and submitted to the Director of the league within 5 days of the protested match. The protest must contain details of the dispute and all previous actions taken. A $25.00 filing fee must accompany the written protest. Representation at the official hearing before the Executive Board will be optional, but limited to two people from each club.


Variance requests may be filed by the Captain of any team participating in WTTA. They must be in writing and submitted to the Director of the league by July 1 for the Fall season and by January 1 for the Spring season. The request must contain a detailed explanation of the special circumstances and valid reasons why the Executive Board should grant the variance. A $25.00 filing fee must accompany the written request. Representation before the Executive Board will be optional, but limited to two people from each club.


Any WTTA member who feels that one or more of the current WTTA league rules is negatively impacting the league as a whole may request review of that rule by the Administrative Committee of the Executive Board. In order to have that rule reviewed, the member must submit a request in writing to the Executive Director. The request should state the rule that the member would like to have reviewed, and the reason that the member feels this rule is a negative for the league. The member should also include recommendations for possible changes, etc. All requests must be in by February 1 of each year, and rule changes will only be reviewed and announced before the summer of each year, for implementation with the Fall season. (Rules clarifications may be made at any time necessary during the year).

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