Captains' Court

WTTA Division Leaders

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Seniors AAWTA Racketears LW Steel Magnolias AWTA Aussies CY Whole Lotta Love CY Queen's Court
Seniors BJCC Making A Racquet LW 2 Sets, Lunch CY LOL BART All Over the Net LW Sassy Lassies
Super ChampATA Far Out WW ALL-IN LC Downright Smashing UTTC UT Supers AWTA Patriots
Championship GreenACC Game Changers AWTA Serve-Ivers GTC Movin' On CY Double Shotz WLCO All that Jazz
Championship YellowLW Racquet Scientists LW No Diggity LC Double Down ACC Net Results LW Doubles or Nothin’
Flight 1 GreenWW Queens of the Court ACC Smart Aces AWTA Serves You Right RP Our Ad GTC Hard Aces
Flight 1 YellowPOLO Ball Busters LW It's Just Tennis GR Sure Shot LC Having A Ball! AWTA Team Mojo
Flight 2 GreenCY Jammers BERR Very Berry Twisted GH On Edge BAL Faults CIM No Love Lost
Flight 2 YellowLW Bounce It! SR Love Stinks WW Over-Served LC One More Shot ATA One More
Flight 3 GreenWLCO C00L Cats ACC Getursettogether RP Victorious Secrets BAL Sweet Spot RP All About That Ace!
Flight 3 YellowFW AllAboutThatAce LC Mayhem LW Serves You Right GR Net Fix AWTA One Hit Wonders
Flight 4 GreenWW Serve Me a Double ACC The Skirts WLCO Serve Us Another GTC GTC Mid-Court Crisis ACC Mama Aces
Flight 4 YellowOnCr Backcourt Divas AWTA Good Times Squad BART Ruffled Feathers BART QOTC LW LW Serve Me A Double
Flight 5 GreenBERR Dolls With Balls WLCO Wrecking Balls GH Set2Win WW AWD CIM Cimarron Sweet Shots
Flight 5 YellowATA Downright Smashing BART Over Served LW Don't Give A Fuzz ATA GetAGrip LW LW Double Shots
Flight 6 GreenAWTA Overserved BERR Berry Ballsy Babes ACC ServeAces GH Lost Horizon SR SetsInTheCity
Flight 6 YellowPOLO Racketeers LW Sets On The Lake BART Double Troubles LW All-About-That-Ace GR SliceGirls
Flight 7 GreenCIM We Drop Shots! WW Mood Swing CY Swinging Courtettes BAL Causing a Racket WLCO Court Therapy
Flight 7 YellowLC Love Means Nothing BART Sets in City POLO Polo Tennis Club Aces JCC Backhanded Compliments BART Baby Got Bakhand
As of March 22, 2023