Captains' Court

WTTA Division Leaders

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Seniors ACY Whole Lotta Love
Seniors B
Super Champ
Championship NGTC Hard Aces GTC Movin' On
Championship S
Flight 1N
Flight 1S
Flight 2NCY 4TLUV BERR Berry Set2Win GCC Cool Catz GTC Net Gain RP Our Ad
Flight 2SLC Having A Ball! LW Hot Mess Express UTTC Fireball AWTA Chill AWTA Swingers
Flight 3NCY Still Kickin' GCC Racketeers GTC NoLoveJustSets WLCO Baseline Babes GTC TwistedSisters
Flight 3SLW Racq Pacq ATA One More AWTA Dare Doubles BART SimplySmashing LW Serves You Right
Flight 4N
Flight 4S
Flight 5N
Flight 5SLW I'd Hit That BART Set Warriors SR Double the Fun LW Party at the Net LW Set II Win
Flight 6NACC Mama Aces WW Serve Me a Double WLCO OSP "4-Love" BAL Sweet Spot WW Hit & Run
Flight 6SUTTC Serves You Right LW Hits & Giggles LKCF Lobsters AWTA One Hit Wonders LC Slice Gurl$
Flight 7NWW Chatty Racquets CY Swinging Courtettes ACC Wise Aces BERR Berry Ball Busters WW Violet Femmes
Flight 7SPOLO Racketeers GR Ad-In Crowd GR Backspin LW What A Racquet BART Babygotbakhand
As of September 18, 2019