Captains' Court

WTTA Division Leaders

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Seniors BCY LOL LC Senioritas AWTA Slammers LW 2 Sets, Lunch LW Sassy Lassies
Seniors ALW Steel Magnolias CY Court Classics AWTA Racketears LKCF SetsOnTheLake CY Whole Lotta Love
Super ChampAWTA Patriots ATA Far Out AWTA Racquet Scientists BERR Serv-ivors LC Downright Smashing
Championship NAWTA As the Ball Bounces ACC Net Results GTC Hard Aces GTC Movin' On CY Oh Hit!
Championship SLW Wise Aces ATA You Got Served RP Tough Love UTTC Hook'd on Sets LW Racquet Scientists
Flight 1NCIM Strikers ACC Smart Aces WLCO Rally Gals GTC Volley This GH On Edge
Flight 1SLW Whaqued POLO Ball Busters LC Having A Ball! GR Sure Shot AWTA Chill
Flight 2NGCC Racketeers SR Love Stinks WLCO Fun 4 All WW Net Set CIM No Love Lost
Flight 2SUTTC Fireball BART ToughLove FW AllAboutThatAce LW Hot Mess Express ATA One More
Flight 3NWW Over-Served GCC Whackateers GTC TwistedSisters CY 4TLUV WLCO Baseline Babes
Flight 3SLC Mayhem LW Serves You Right LW Get Smashed BART QOTC LKCF Serve and Sip
Flight 4NCY Meet Your Match BERR Sweet Berries WW Double Time CIM Cimarron Courtside Chics ACC Double The Fun
Flight 4SPOLO Inter-netters SR Mid-Court Crisis LW Racket Science GR Racqpack LW Love Hurts
Flight 5NWW Deuce of Hazard ACC Slice Girls ACC Mama Aces BAL Sweet Spot WW Serve Me a Double
Flight 5SAWTA One Hit Wonders GR Ralston 8 LW Party of 8 UTTC Sugar & Slice GR Rackettes
Flight 6NBERR Dolls With Balls RP Simply Smashing WW Slice Girlz AWTA Overserved AWTA Rackets Up
Flight 6SLC Icy Hots GR Backspin ATA Downright Smashing POLO Racketeers LW Tennis Angelss
Flight 7NWW And We’re Dancing CY Swinging Courtettes RP Ace! Ace! Baby CIM Serve Me Another WLCO Midcourt Chaos
Flight 7SGR Casual Sets LC Love Bites GR Jalapenos OnCr Backcourt Divas LW Ready to Smash
As of October 18, 2021