Captains' Court

WTTA Division Leaders

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Seniors ALW Steel Magnolias CY Whole Lotta Love CY Court Classics AWTA Racketears WW Haute Flashes
Seniors BLW Sassy Lassies LW 2 Sets, Lunch CY LOL AWTA Slammers AWTA Silver Foxes
Super ChampATA Far Out WW ALL-IN AWTA Patriots UTTC UT Supers LC OutToLunchers
Championship NCY Game Set Wine BERR Berry Good GTC Movin' On GTC Hard Aces WLCO Quick Chicks
Championship SLW The Ball Busters LW Wise Aces GR Sweet Shots LC Downright Smashing UTTC Hook'd on Sets
Flight 1NWLCO All that Jazz GH On Edge CY Oh Hit! CIM Strikers CY Jammers
Flight 1SLC Lost Creek Chicks LC One Love BART Mid-Ct Crisis AWTA Racq Attack LW No Doubt
Flight 2NRP Our Ad WW Net Set GCC Cool Catz WLCO Fun 4 All AWTA Land Sharks
Flight 2SGR Sure Shot AWTA Chill LW Hot Mess Express SR Serves You Right UTTC Fireball
Flight 3NBAL Faults RP Set 2 Win GTC TwistedSisters GCC Racketeers CY Still Kickin'
Flight 3SATA One More AWTA Dare Doubles LW Racq Pacq BART SimplySmashing BART Ruffled Feathers
Flight 4NWW Rackets&Ritas ACC The Skirts RP Love All GH Net Assets CY Alley Gators
Flight 4SAWTA Love Hurts II LW Get Smashed LW Supreme Court LC Alley Kats SR Southern Slice
Flight 5NBAL Double Trouble ACC Called to Serve WLCO Wrecking Balls ACC Slice Girls GTC Volley Vamps
Flight 5SLW I'd Hit That LW Set II Win BART Set Warriors GR Rackettes SR Double the Fun
Flight 6NBAL Sweet Spot ACC Mama Aces BERR Berry Feisty WW Serve Me a Double WLCO OSP "4-Love"
Flight 6SSR SetsInTheCity AWTA One Hit Wonders UTTC Serves You Right SR The Racquettes LKCF Lobsters
Flight 7NWW Chatty Racquets CY Swinging Courtettes BERR Berry Ball Busters CIM Serve Now Wine Later ACC Wise Aces
Flight 7SPOLO Racketeers GR Ad-In Crowd ATA Downright Smashing BART DoubleTrouble GR Backspin
As of December 13, 2019