Captains' Court

WTTA Division Leaders

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Seniors ACY Whole Lotta Love AWTA Aussies LC Senioritas AWTA Racketears LW Sassy Lassies
Super Champ
Championship NBERR Razzle Berries
Championship S
Flight 1N
Flight 1S
Flight 2N
Flight 2SLW Bounce It! SR Love Stinks LW No Doubt LC Love 'Em UTTC Fireball
Flight 3N
Flight 3SGR Net Threat BART Ruffled Feathers LC Half Fast LW Serves You Right LW Racq Pacq
Flight 4NACC Double The Fun
Flight 4S
Flight 5N
Flight 5S
Flight 6NACC ServeAces AWTA Overserved CY Swinging Courtettes SR SetsInTheCity SR The Racquettes
Flight 6SLW I'd Hit That GR Ad-in Crowd LW Alley Gators
Flight 7NUTTC Get A Grip ACC Wise Aces WW Slice Girlz CIM Come Back Girls Avry Fireballs
Flight 7SGR Jalapenos LW Not Our Fault GR Casual Sets LW What A Racquet
As of February 17, 2019