Captains' Court

WTTA Division Leaders

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Seniors BBART Over the Net CY LOL LW 2 Sets, Lunch AWTA Slammers LC Senioritas
Seniors ALW Steel Magnolias CY Whole Lotta Love AWTA Aussies AWTA Racketears CY Court Classics
Super ChampAWTA Patriots ATA Far Out WW ALL-IN AWTA Racquet Scientists LC OutToLunchers
Championship NBERR Berry Good GTC Hard Aces WLCO Quick Chicks ACC Net Results WLCO All that Jazz
Championship SAWTA As the Ball Bounces LC Downright Smashing LW Racquet Scientists AWTA Serves You Right LW Wise Aces
Flight 1NWLCO Rally Gals CIM Strikers ACC Smart Aces CY Jammers AWTA Racq Attack
Flight 1SLKCF Lakecliff Hangers UTTC Hook'd on Tennis AWTA Team Mojo BART Mid-Ct Crisis GR Sure Shot
Flight 2NACC Ace Kickers AWTA Land Sharks GCC Cool Catz BERR Berry Set2Win CIM No Love Lost
Flight 2SLW Hot Mess Express UTTC Fireball LC Having A Ball! LW No Diggity AWTA Swingers
Flight 3NCY 4TLUV GCC Racketeers GTC TwistedSisters CY Love2Play CY Still Kickin'
Flight 3SAWTA Whack-Its LC FLAMES GR Net Fix BART SimplySmashing LW Serves You Right
Flight 4NWW Double Time RP Get A Grip! ACC Double The Fun WLCO Baseline Babes BERR Sweet Berries
Flight 4SLW The Hit Squad LC Mayhem LC Alley Kats LW Set II Win POLO Smokin Aces
Flight 5NACC Mama Aces WLCO Serve Us Another ACC ServeAces ACC Slice Girls GTC Volley Vamps
Flight 5SLW Party at the Net SR Baby Got Backhand! UTTC Sip-N-Serve ATA Networking AWTA One Hit Wonders
Flight 6NWW Serve Me a Double BERR Berry Feisty WW Chatty Racquets GH Set2Win SR The Racquettes
Flight 6SGR Racqpack UTTC Serves You Right LC Slice Gurl$ AWTA Rackets Up LW Hits & Giggles
Flight 7NAvry Fireballs GTC Fuzzbusters II BERR Berry Ball Busters CIM Serve Now Wine Later WW Slice Girlz
Flight 7SLW What A Racquet LW Not Our Fault BART Doubled Trouble LW Sets On The Lake GR Backspin
As of April 06, 2020