Captains' Court

WTTA Division Leaders

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Seniors ALW The Young and the Rest of Us CY Queen's Court BART All Over the Net AWTA Racketears JCC Making A Racquet
Seniors BGR Shades of Grey CY LOL LW Sassy Lassies WL Senioritas WW Haute Flashes
Super ChampAWTA Patriots WW ALL-IN BART AceAceBaby AWTA LUV All AWTA Serve-Ivers
Championship GreenACC Net Results UTTC Hooked on Sets CIM GroupTherapy BERR Berry Good GTC Movin' On
Championship YellowLW Doubles or Nothin’ POLO Ball Busters LW Racquet Scientists LW No Diggity WL Having A Ball!
Flight 1 GreenWLCO Rally Gals BERR Very Berry Twisted SR Serves You Right WW Queens of the Court CY On The Rise
Flight 1 YellowACC Smart Aces GR Sure Shot UTTC Cool Name Pending WW Over-Served LW It's Just Tennis
Flight 2 GreenWW NetSet RP Victorious Secrets BERR Net-Working BAL Faults ACC Getursettogether
Flight 2 YellowWL It Takes Balls GR Racqpack AWTA Swingers BART StrungOut AWTA One Hit Wonders
Flight 3 GreenCY 4TLUV RP All About That Ace! WLCO Baseline Babes WLCO Fun 4 All BAL Sweet Spot
Flight 3 YellowLW Set Me Up LW Racq Pacq AWTA Up Your Alley POLO Inter-netters2.0 GR Net Fix
Flight 4 GreenWLCO Serve Us Another SR Mid-Court Crisis ACC Mama Aces WW Double Time WW High-Strung
Flight 4 YellowGR Ralston 8 LW Tennis the Menace AWTA Whack-Its ATA Kickin’ Aces BART QOTC
Flight 5 GreenWLCO Honey Deuce WW AWD WLCO Well Served UTTC Sip N Serve BAL Double Trouble
Flight 5 YellowWL FLAMES LW Don't Give A Fuzz POLO Racketeers ACC ServeAces BART Racq Attacq
Flight 6 GreenCIM Serve Me Another RP Acing Gracefully JCC Backhanded Compliments CIM We Drop Shots! WLCO Fireballs!
Flight 6 YellowWL Love Means Nothing WL Eat, Play, Love AWTA Rackets Up BART Sets in City LW Hits and Giggles
Flight 7 GreenCY Swinging Courtettes ACC Wise Aces UTTC Balls & Bubbles SR Ace Queens SR WLCO Court Therapy
Flight 7 YellowBART Baby Got Bakhand LW Smashing Aces POLO SupremeCourt GR Rally Cats GR Kickin Aces
As of October 01, 2023