WTTA Schedule

Flight 5S — Fall 2019

September 11, 2019
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Double the Funvs.AWTA SWATSQUADSteiner Ranch
09:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.Barton Creek Set WarriorsSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00Lost Creek Kiss My Acevs.Lakeway Party at the NetLost Creek
09:30:00Lakeway I'd Hit Thatvs.UTTC Sip-N-ServeLakeway
09:30:00Lakeway Set II Winvs.Grey Rock RackettesLakeway
09:30:00Lakeway Play It Forwardvs. ByeLakeway
September 18, 2019
11:30:00Lakeway Play It Forwardvs.Lakeway I'd Hit ThatLakeway
09:30:00AWTA SWATSQUADvs.AWTA Rackets Up SWAT (Travis Country)
11:30:00Lakeway Set II Winvs.Lakeway Party at the NetLakeway
09:30:00Barton Creek Set Warriorsvs.UTTC Sip-N-ServeBarton Creek Country Club
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Double the Funvs.Grey Rock RackettesSteiner Ranch
09:30:00Lost Creek Kiss My Acevs. ByeLost Creek
September 25, 2019
09:30:00Lost Creek Kiss My Acevs.Lakeway Set II WinLost Creek
09:30:00UTTC Sip-N-Servevs.AWTA SWATSQUADUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00Lakeway Play It Forwardvs.Barton Creek Set WarriorsLakeway
11:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.Grey Rock RackettesSouth Austin Tennis Center
11:30:00Lakeway Party at the Netvs.Steiner Ranch Double the FunLakeway
09:30:00Lakeway I'd Hit Thatvs. ByeLakeway
October 02, 2019
09:30:00Lakeway I'd Hit Thatvs.Barton Creek Set WarriorsLakeway
09:30:00AWTA SWATSQUADvs.Lakeway Play It ForwardSWAT (Travis Country)
09:30:00Lakeway Party at the Netvs.AWTA Rackets Up Lakeway
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Double the Funvs.Lost Creek Kiss My AceSteiner Ranch
09:30:00Grey Rock Rackettesvs.UTTC Sip-N-ServeGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Lakeway Set II Winvs. ByeLakeway
October 09, 2019
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Double the Funvs.Lakeway Set II WinSteiner Ranch
11:30:00Lakeway I'd Hit Thatvs.AWTA SWATSQUADLakeway
09:30:00Grey Rock Rackettesvs.Lakeway Play It ForwardGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Lost Creek Kiss My Acevs.AWTA Rackets Up Lost Creek
09:30:00UTTC Sip-N-Servevs.Lakeway Party at the NetUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00Barton Creek Set Warriorsvs. ByeBarton Creek Country Club
October 16, 2019
09:30:00Barton Creek Set Warriorsvs.AWTA SWATSQUADBarton Creek Country Club
09:30:00Grey Rock Rackettesvs.Lakeway I'd Hit ThatGrey Rock Tennis Club
11:30:00Lakeway Party at the Netvs.Lakeway Play It ForwardLakeway
09:30:00Lakeway Set II Winvs.AWTA Rackets Up Lakeway
09:30:00UTTC Sip-N-Servevs.Lost Creek Kiss My AceUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Double the Funvs. ByeSteiner Ranch
October 23, 2019
09:30:00UTTC Sip-N-Servevs.Lakeway Set II WinUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
11:30:00Lakeway Party at the Netvs.Lakeway I'd Hit ThatLakeway
09:30:00Grey Rock Rackettesvs.Barton Creek Set WarriorsGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Lost Creek Kiss My Acevs.Lakeway Play It ForwardLost Creek
11:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.Steiner Ranch Double the FunSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00AWTA SWATSQUADvs. ByeSWAT (Travis Country)
October 30, 2019
11:30:00Lakeway Play It Forwardvs.Lakeway Set II WinLakeway
11:30:00Lakeway I'd Hit Thatvs.Lost Creek Kiss My AceLakeway
09:30:00Barton Creek Set Warriorsvs.Lakeway Party at the NetBarton Creek Country Club
09:30:00Steiner Ranch Double the Funvs.UTTC Sip-N-ServeSteiner Ranch
09:30:00AWTA SWATSQUADvs.Grey Rock RackettesSWAT (Travis Country)
09:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs. ByeSouth Austin Tennis Center
November 06, 2019
11:30:00Lakeway Set II Winvs.Lakeway I'd Hit ThatLakeway
09:30:00Lost Creek Kiss My Acevs.Barton Creek Set WarriorsLost Creek
09:30:00UTTC Sip-N-Servevs.AWTA Rackets Up University of Texas Tennis Center
09:30:00AWTA SWATSQUADvs.Lakeway Party at the NetSWAT (Travis Country)
09:30:00Lakeway Play It Forwardvs.Steiner Ranch Double the FunLakeway
09:30:00Grey Rock Rackettesvs. ByeGrey Rock Tennis Club
November 13, 2019
09:30:00Barton Creek Set Warriorsvs.Lakeway Set II WinBarton Creek Country Club
09:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.Lakeway Play It ForwardSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00AWTA SWATSQUADvs.Lost Creek Kiss My AceSWAT (Travis Country)
09:30:00Lakeway Party at the Netvs.Grey Rock RackettesLakeway
11:30:00Lakeway I'd Hit Thatvs.Steiner Ranch Double the FunLakeway
09:30:00UTTC Sip-N-Servevs. ByeUniversity of Texas Tennis Center
November 20, 2019
09:30:00Lakeway Set II Winvs.AWTA SWATSQUADLakeway
11:30:00AWTA Rackets Up vs.Lakeway I'd Hit ThatSouth Austin Tennis Center
09:30:00Grey Rock Rackettesvs.Lost Creek Kiss My AceGrey Rock Tennis Club
09:30:00Lakeway Play It Forwardvs.UTTC Sip-N-ServeLakeway
09:30:00Barton Creek Set Warriorsvs.Steiner Ranch Double the FunBarton Creek Country Club
09:30:00Lakeway Party at the Netvs. ByeLakeway
Barton Creek Country Club
8212 Barton Club Dr.
(512) 329-4008
Take the RR 2244 or Bee Caves Road Exit off Loop 360. Go west about 1 mile to a stop light. Take a left at the light on Barton Creek Blvd. and go until you see the club and resort on your left. Take a left on Barton Club Drive and another left at the first entrance towards the members clubhouse. You will see the tennis courts straight ahead. You can park in the main lot of go to the covered parking under the tennis courts
Grey Rock Tennis Club
7401 Hwy. 45
(512) 301-8685
Take Mopac South, crossing under Loop 360. There is a traffic light at Slaughter Lane, continue for four miles past the light to Kendrick Blvd. There will be a sign for Greyrock Golf Club on the right as you approach Kendrick. Turn left on Kendrick and continue on the winding road until you see the tennis courts.
One World of Tennis Square
(512) 261-7222
From RR 620 turn west on Lakeway Blvd. Continue on Lakeway Blvd., past the first traffic signal and on through the three-way stop. Approximately 1.25 miles past the three-way stop, turn left onto Highland Blvd (just past the Lakeway Swim Center). Take a right at the next stop sign into the World of Tennis parking lot.
Lost Creek
2612 Lost Creek Blvd
(512) 892-0173
Take Lost Creek Blvd. off Loop 360. Follow it until it crosses the creek and bridge. Turn into the club on your right.
South Austin Tennis Center
1000 Cumberland
(512) 442-1466
Take South 5th Street south off Oltorf. Turn right at Cumberland Drive.
Steiner Ranch
12550 Country Trails Lane
(512) 266-7553
Towne Square Courts: Take 2222 west to RR 620 and turn left. Turn left into Steiner Ranch at the traffic light at Quinlan Park Road. Go 2.3 miles then at the traffic light turn right onto Country Trails Lane. The first turn to the right will be the parking and tennis courts. Bella Mar Courts (Can be used for makeup matches): 12401 Bella Mar Trail, 78732. Take 2222 west to RR 620 and turn left. Turn left into Steiner Ranch at the traffic light at Quinlan Park Road. Go 3.6 miles then turn left onto Bella Mar Trails. Go 0.4 miles and turn right into the parking lot for the tennis courts. Courts are to the right of the parking lot.
SWAT (Travis Country)
4504 Travis Country Circle
(512) 892-6907
Take Mopac South to the Southwest Parkway exit. It is the second exit past Barton Creek Mall. Turn right on Southwest Parkway. Turn right at the first light (Republic of Texas). Go 1 block and turn right on Travis Country Circle. Go about 1/2 mile and turn left at the bottom of the hill into the Travis Country Recreational area. Continue down that street until it dead ends at the tennis courts.
University of Texas Tennis Center
2210 University Club Drive
(512) 291-7474
To the Club from Mopac or Highway 360: Take 2222 West to 620, turn left and go approximately 2 miles. Turn LEFT on Quinlan Park Road, which will be the second light you come to. Follow the road approximately 2 miles to the entrance of the club and (There are signs throughout Steiner Ranch directing you to the Golf Club) turn left on University Club Drive. Go through the Gatehouse entrance and this road will lead you to the main entrance to the University of Texas Golf Club on the right. After entering take the first right, this drive will dead end to the tennis club house. PLEASE NOTE THAT A QR CODE (MATRIX BAR CODE) WILL BE REQUIRED TO ENTER UT. YOU MAY GET THAT FROM YOUR CLUB REP AND/OR CAPTAIN