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Article I Name and Purpose

Section 1. The name of this organization is WOMEN'S TEAM TENNIS OF AUSTIN (WTTA)

Section 2. The purpose of WTTA is to provide a recreational tennis league consisting of women players who are interested in promoting competitive tennis, good fellowship, and sportsmanship in accordance with these Bylaws and the official rules of the United States Tennis Association ("USTA").


Article II Administration

Section 1. An Executive Board ("Board") will govern WTTA. The Board consists of a Club Representative selected from each club participating in WTTA. A secretary and treasurer are to be elected from this Board.

Section 2. Each Club Representative serves a recommended minimum two-year term with a recommended maximum of two consecutive terms.

Section 3. The Board will hire an Executive Director to handle administrative duties. The Executive Director has no vote, except in the case of a tie, and serves at the discretion of the Board. A scheduler and website administrator may also be hired. The Board will set all salaries and conduct annual job performance reviews.

Section 4. The Board will hold regularly scheduled meetings. If a Club Representative is unable to attend a meeting, her club may send an alternate. If a club lacks representation for two consecutive Board meetings, that club may be deemed ineligible for the following season. Additional meetings may be called as necessary.

Section 5. The Board approves the proposed budget for each season.

Section 6. Tennis league(s) conducted by WTTA will be governed by rules formulated by the Board ("League Rules").

Section 7. The Administrative Committee ("Admin Committee") is composed of 5 Board members elected by the Board. For the initial Admin committee, four members will be elected by the Board and one member will be appointed by the Executive Director. The initial Admin Committee consists of 2 members with a 1-year term, and 3 members with a 2-year term. Subsequent Admin Committee members will be elected for 2-year terms. Election of the Admin Committee members will be by cumulative voting, with each Club Representative having a number of votes equal to the number of positions being filled. For example, if two new Admin Committee members are being elected, each Club Representative will have 2 votes. They may place these votes 1 each for 2 individuals, or 2 votes for 1 individual, at their discretion. The Admin Committee will be chaired by the Executive Director who votes only in case of a tie.

Section 8. The Admin Committee handles all administrative issues including placement of new teams. Two Board members, who are not on the Admin Committee, are chosen randomly to participate in each Placement meeting.   The Admin Committee will also review potential League Rule changes and make recommendations for such changes to the Board. In no case does the Admin Committee have the power to effect League Rule changes without subsequent approval of the Board.

Section 9. The Executive Director may call additional Board meetings if necessary, and may call committee meetings as needed.

Section 10. All Board members are expected to act in the best interests of the league. Board members who do not abide by the WTTA Rules and Bylaws, or who do not act in the best interests of the league, may be removed if necessary by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board.

Article III Membership and Dues

Section 1. Any woman interested in the purpose of WTTA, who has passed her 21st birthday, who is a member or has WTTA membership privileges in the club she represents, and who is listed as a roster or substitute player at her club is considered a member of WTTA ("Member").

Section 2. The Board sets the dues per team per season. No dues are required from substitutes.

Section 3. Any special assessments upon Members can be made only if approved by 3/4 of the Board..

Article IV Voting

Section 1. Each club has one vote to amend the Bylaws. Each club has a weighted vote on major issues, as determined by the Board, to amend the League Rules. Weighted votes are based on the number of teams that club currently represents (or, if the vote is conducted between seasons, the number of teams that club represented in the most recent season). Weighted votes may be conducted through either (a) the Board, with each Club Representative voting on behalf of the teams from her club, or (b) a captain's ballot, with each team captain receiving one ballot and one vote.

Section 2. For non-weighted votes, each Club Representative on the Board has one vote. A simple majority rules.

Article V Quorom, and Amendment of Bylaws

The Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3-vote of those Club Representatives present at a Board meeting, assuming there is a quorum. A quorum is reached if more than 50% of the total clubs are represented at the meeting.

Article VI Parliamentary Authority

The authority for all rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, governs WTTA in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws and League Rules of this organization.

Revised: April 2012


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